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From the moment we released our first 60% mechanical keyboard in 2016, it was clear that business and creative considerations were not always at odds. This led to a constant strive for true value with every decision made by development teams across all departments—and now you can enjoy this mentality through your own Anne Pro Mechanical Keyboard!

We continue to innovate and develop products that meet the needs of gamers, typists alike. With 60% keyboards now sporting near-independent arrow keys it's no wonder this has become one big staple for people who work on their computer all day long! And when you need more than just basic numbers there is ANNE CLASSIC D87 RGB which incorporate a nifty little keypad into its 87 layout - giving every player access they deserve without taking up unnecessary space or feeling too complicated.


  • 2014, Establish Taicang Zhigengniao information technology Co., Ltd.
  • 2016, Release brand OBINS and the first 60% Bluetooth mechanical keyboard ANNE PRO
  • 2018, Release ANNE PRO2 and software OBINSKIT
  • 2020, Start APX plan
  • 2021, Release brand HEXCORE
  • 2021, Release ANNE CLASSIC D87 RGB mechanical keyboard