Anne Pro 2

Probably the best 60% mechanical keyboard with the easy software & outstanding customizability

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Key Features

True RGB backlight

Full and true RGB, each key can been set RGB backlit independently

Outstanding Customizability

Use the Obinskit to map each key on each layer. Map any key you want to be FN1 or FN2

Dual Connection Mode

Connect via USB-C cable or Bluetooth as opposed to a proprietary receiver, get rid of USB dongle

Magic "FN"

The “Magic Fn” on the Caps Lock button makes it easier to utilize the F1-F12 keys while gaming

Some of Our Fans

I own several competitor's keyboards but time and time again I find myself coming back to the Anne Pro 2.

Once you get used to the 60% form factor and you get into the software to configure it, it can also be a powerful work tool and literally help you do more with less keys.

This keyboard surely gave me a high level of motivation in my work despite this pandemic situation

I know Kixstar who was a league player and is now a caster of R6. I asked him what kind of keyboard this is and he sayed the anne pro 2.

The Anne Pro 2 has taken my gaming to another level. It has given me such an amazing experience! Also I really enjoy all of the customizable features I get with their customization software Obinskit

Meet Anne Pro 2

Life is short for keyboard products that don't look and feel great! We believe that the whole point of a mechanical keyboard is to use it as part of your body to fulfill pleasant typing and gaming.


Thrilled to put your own custom keycaps ? View the projects some of Anne Pro 2 fans create

Anne Pro 2 -60 Keyboard- RGB Keyboard

Your Typing & Gaming Mate

  • Minimalistic design doing more with less

    Requires less hand movement while still being able to access all the functionalities

  • Compact and Portable

    Saves desk space and easy to carry around. Fits right in backpack

  • Bluetooth

    Decent bluetooth connectivity enables wireless connection up to 4 devices and switch seamlessly back and forth

  • Obinskit Software

    Revamped obinskit starter software simplifies the way to set up your own key layout, lighting and to create macros